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Rations is/was a punk band from Long Island, NY active between 2008-2013. Rations Noise is an electronic offshoot formed in the aftermath. Contact us by email at or by mail at P.O. 501 East Setauket, NY 11733-0501 U$A.


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New compilation songs from RATIONS, plus more RATIONS NOISE/URD split 12" LP reviews back 28 October 2019

RATIONS (the band) is back (kind of)

The old band with a new lineup recorded four songs back in December 2018. With Social Dee living life in the Pacific Northwest and Tia spending time in myriad other endeavors, RATIONS added Ryan (FELLOW PROJECT, BEARCHILD, etc.) on drums and old pal Dave on bass to finish a set of songs Brian and Wells had been working on.

Two of those songs are available now on a couple new compilations.

"Capital," a song that had been brewing for years before finally being finished and committed to ones-and-zeros with this crop of songs. This track appears on the embarrassingly good "Dead Wax: A Rad Girlfriend Records" 2xLP compilation. Other bands featured include THE DOPAMINES, PARASITES, WONK UNIT, IRON CHIC, SLOW DEATH, STEVE ADAMYK BAND, VACATION, TODD C., AMYGDALA, CAPITALIST KIDS, and many more. Order from Rad Girlfriend Records' store page or hang tight and order from 86'd soon.

The next of the new tracks features Rob Fraser from KRUPTED PEASANT FARMERZ, ANGRY FOR LIFE, UTTER FAILURE, etc. on dueling lead guitar. Dubbed "Untitled 4" the band was lucky enough to land the track on a new compilation from the esteemed Bloated Kat Records called "Kat Music For Kat People Volume 3 - Picks of the Litter" along with luminaries like MIKEY ERG, NAVEL, NOTCHES, MIXTAPES (doing RIVETHEAD!), SKIMMER, SLOANE PETERSON, and many more. Order from Bloated Kat Records' Bandcamp page. Or again, hang tight and order from 86'd soon.

Another two recorded songs ("Love at the Heart of Empire" and "Wounds and Wails") are pending final destination.

No other real plans for RATIONS at the moment, but Wells, Dave, and Ryan have been jamming on some new songs for a different project that might get recorded at some point.


The last few reviews are trickling in for the RATIONS NOISE / UNKNOWN RIVER DRIVER split 12" LP/CS released back in January of this year. Click to see Robert Collins' review on the new digital MRR site and Matt Average's review on the Bad Transfer blog. Big thanks to these guys and ALL the people who have posted about and reviewed the record since January. For more of that stuff, check out the first bunch of reviews or a press round up that includes interviews, vids, more.

Or just order the damn thing and get it sent right to yr mailbox.

Next Up

No plans! I've got a bunch of new distro stock to put up, so hopefully a distro update soon?

UNKNOWN RIVER DRIVER / RATIONS NOISE split LP/CS press roundup 12 January 2019

Greetings y'all:

The UNKNOWN RIVER DRIVER / RATIONS NOISE split LP/CS is finally out! Big thanks to the sites/blogs that helped us spread the word. Here's a run-down of the interviews, premieres, videos, etc. that we shared in the ramp-up to release.

Please visit and support these sites! And check out some of the highlights below.



Boilerman s/t one-sided 10" 27 November 2014

I’m very psyched to finally announce a new one-sided 10” coming from Chicago’s BOILERMAN in 2015.

Sounding like someone put the Screeching Weasel/Born Against split 7” in a blender and pressed it to a one-sided 10”, Chicago’s BOILERMAN return with their first material since 2013’s “Loss Leaders” LP. These five songs were recorded and mastered under the scratch title “Dark” along with another three songs slated for a forthcoming 7” single - with the scratch title “Pop” - by bass player Kris Benedetto. This material lives up to the name with a lyrical trajectory that starts with the meaningless of life, moves on to the filth of the material world, and finally lands on the inevitability of death. Dark stuff indeed. But just as the impending single portends hope, so too do these songs; righteous anger, building crescendos, and buried melodies, all come together to expand what kind of punk can be called pop.

The release is limited to 500 hand-numbered one-sided clear vinyl 10”es. Exclusive splatter colors available from each of the three labels releasing the record: 86’d Records in the US, Crapoulet Records in France, and Waterslide Records in Japan.

Check out Boilerman’s 2013 full length “Loss Leaders” over their Bandcamp page. You can read an interview with the band over at For The Love of Punk.

More 86'd release out of stock. 11 November 2014

Having just wrapped up our annual 86% off sale, we've managed to sell out of a few more titles from 2013 and beyond. It shouldn't be too hard to find these floating around at other labels/distros. Here's what's gone:

  • Dead Uncles "Stock Characters" LP SOLD OUT
  • Rations "Martyrs and Prisoners" 7" SOLD OUT
  • Dead Uncles / The Credentials split 7" SOLD OUT
  • Rations "For Victory" LP SOLD OUT
  • Hewhocorrupts "The Smell of Money" CD SOLD OUT

Big thanks to everyone who ordered. The income will definitely make a difference on the few records we have coming in 2015. THANKS!

Two New Releases For October 1st 24 September 2013

We've got two new releases coming out on October 1st. Dead Uncles "Stock Character" 12" LP and Celebrity Internment Camp s/t CD.

First up is Dead Uncles "Stock Characters" 12"

The first and final LP from Connecticut's DEAD UNCLES. Originally released as a limited run cassette for the band's last U.S. tour, "Stock Characters" has been re-mixed and re-mastered for vinyl. Ten tracks of stripped down introspective pop punk that would fit perfectly in the early Lookout! Records catalog.

Issued posthumously through sheer force of will be by eight labels on 3 continents: 86'd, Different Kitchen, Hip Kid, Lost Cat, Sad Punk, Shitty Present, Trends Die, and You Look Like Shit.

One time pressing of 500 12"es on black vinyl with jacket and insert art by the band. Download cards include the band's entire discography.

Next up is Celebrity Internment Camp s/t CD

This 52-minute instrumental hip hop concept album blends together a collage of sonic vignettes from a dystopic future where war on American soil forces its celebrities into concentration camps. The beat collective of URBAN SASQUATCH, RED CARPET HOBO, and the HINDSIGHT GENIUS came together with beats created over the past 4 years to assemble this ambitious 36 track soundscape; rife with samples dug from record store crates across Long Island, the outer boroughs, and Manhattan.

Professionally replicated CD comes packaged in a gatefold cardboard mini-jacket and includes 11x17 full color poster.