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Boilerman show, Vinyl and CD bundle deals, 25% off everything else 22 August 2017

BOILERMAN is playing a show today at Room of Requirement in Chicago with Boxsledder and Bywater! Ask a punk! But more importantly, peep the bundle deal for big savings on B-man stuff.

Vinyl Bundle $25

- BOILERMAN "Doing Great" single - Clear vinyl 7"

- BOILERMAN "Feel Ways About Stuff" LP - Black vinyl 12"

- BOILERMAN s/t one-sided 10" - Clear w/ Mix Splatter

Japanese Import CD Bundle $10

BOILERMAN "Loss Leaders" CD - Compact Disc

BOILERMAN "Feel Ways About Stuff" LP/CD/DL - Japanese Import CD

Add an 86'd Records tee shirt for $5.

Or if you don't like Boilerman you can just take 25% off everything else (applied at checkout).



BOILERMAN record release show and 50% off bundle 30 August 2016

Hey everybody,

The far-flung BOILERBOIZ will reunite in Chicago on September 2 for a hometown show to mark the release of their second LP "Feel Ways About Stuff."

To celebrate we've got a 50% off BOILERMAN bundle up in the store.

  • BOILERMAN "Feel Ways About Stuff" 12" LP
  • BOILERMAN "Loss Leaders" 12" LP
  • BOILERMAN s/t one-sided 10"
  • BOILERMAN "Doing Great" 7"

That's $39 worth of B-MAN stuff for $19.50.

The show is at Room of Requirement in Chicago at 8pm. For more information email hip.kid.records@gmail.com or check out the FB event page.



Preorder BOILERMAN's new one-sided 10" 6 July 2016

I'm proud to announce the BOILERMAN self-titled one-sided 10" is now available for pre-order.

The release is limited to 500 hand-numbered clear vinyl 10”es with exclusive splatter colors for each of the three record labels involved: 86’d Records (US), Crapoulet Records (FR), and Waterslide Records (JP)

All pre-orders before the March 3rd release date will include a free copy of FELLOW PROJECT "Basic Axemanship" CD. We'll also have limited number of the European and Japanese color vinyl variants to choose from while supplies last.

Click to stream the album or pre-order a copy here.

The Chicago trio is back with five new songs that sounds like someone put the Screeching Weasel/Born Against split 7” in a blender and pressed it to a one-sided 10”. The tracks were recorded and mastered under the scratch title “Dark” along with another three songs slated for a forthcoming 7” single - with the scratch title “Pop” - by bass player Kris di Benedetto.

This material lives up to its dark moniker with a lyrical trajectory that starts with the meaningless of life, moves on to the filth of the material world, and finally lands on the inevitability of death. Dark stuff. But just as the impending single portends hope, so too do these songs; righteous anger, building crescendos, and buried melodies, all coming together to expand what kind of punk can be called pop.

Click to stream the album or pre-order a copy here.

86'd Records Summer 2016 6 July 2016

Friends of 86'd Records,

Welcome to the terrifying hellscape of Summer 2016. There’s a lot going on and it’s all terrible. Here’s an update:

UTTER FAILURE and RATIONS in MIKE FLUGENNOCK DOC: A song each from UTTER FAILURE and RATIONS provide the soundtrack to the 20-minute documentary “Flugennock” by Ron Douglas. Mike Flugennock is a 30-year veteran political cartoonist and media activist based in Washington, DC.

Since the early 1990s, Mike Flugennock has produced nearly two hundred political cartoons and posters that have been the favorite of popular resistance movements ranging from those opposing war in Iraq and Afghanistan to globalization, Occupy and other movements, such as the recent successful legalization of home cultivated marijuana in Washington, DC.

A big thanks to Ron for including our stuff in the documentary. Also thanks to FMA and Creative Commons for making it work. Mike Flugennock rules. Oh, and UTTER FAILURE 12” and RATIONS 7” are still in stock, but with fewer than 10 units each.

Click to watch “Flugennock” on Youtube

Order UTTER FAILURE and RATIONS stuff from 86drec.com

BOILERMAN in JAPAN and MAXIMUMROCKNROLL: In other news BOILERMAN successfully completed their Japan tour and will be featured in issue of 399 of MaximumRockNRoll in August. BOILERMAN “Feel Ways About Stuff” LP/CD touched down at shops, distros, labels, and residential mailboxes around the globe in May.

Order from BOILERMAN 12” LP from 86drec.com

TONS of NEW STUFF in the DISTRO: With the release of BOILERMAN and GO WHITE BRONCO LPs I had a chance to trade with a handful of really great labels. More on the way, but in the meantime we’ve got stuff from Dead Broke Rekerds (IRON CHIC, UNFUN, VACATION, PLOW UNITED, OUTTA GAS, more), Community Records (ALL PEOPLE, CADDYWHOMPUS, CAUTION CHILDREN, SAFETY, DESIGNER, more), Hip Kid Records (BOILERMAN, DUSTEATERS, THE COLTRANES, NOTCHES, VALENTEENS, more), plus more from It’s Alive, Waterslide, Square of Opposition, Dead Tank, and a bunch more. Check the imports and dollar bin sections too!

Browse the distro at 86drec.com

UP NEXT: KRUPTED PEASANT FARMERZ DIGITAL: 86’d will make available for download and streaming the 1994 classic album “Peasants By Birth, Farmers By Trade, Krupted By The Dollar” by KRUPTED PEASANT FARMERZ (future members of UTTER FAILURE). Also available will be 1997’s “Everything Seems Okay ’90-’93” collection. The combined 40 tracks account for very nearly all of KPFs released material. Stay tuned for details.

Have a great summer! Your pal, Wells/86’d

Label bundles up in the distro: Six Weeks, Sorry State, and It's Alive 5 December 2015

Greetings faithful viewers!

Small update about the 86drec.com distro. I've got bundles from Six Weeks Records, Sorry State Records, and It's Alive Records available. Bundles includes a few of my favorite releases (old and new) from each label. Only the primo shit - and discounted to make 'em worth your while!

I've got limited quantities of each bundle so if yr interested, hit it up quick. These should be shipping out on Thursday, Dec. 10 when my bud Connor comes over to help with mailorder.

Big thanks to the labels for trading their stuff for the recent BOILERMAN 7" and 10"es. NICE.

Check out the bundles below:

Six Weeks Records Bundle

Sorry State Records Bundle

It's Alive Records Bundle

And don't forget our Boiler-bundle which includes both the 10" and new 7".



BOILERMAN "Doing Great" 7" out now and streaming at A.V. Club 8 October 2015

Greetings friends,

I'm very psyched and proud to announce the new Boilerman 7" is in stock and ready to ship. As #1 Boilerfan I think this is some of the best shit yet and the perfect segue into their upcoming LP (which is finished and heading to the plant this week). Anyway, here are the essential details:

Stream it at A.V. Club.

Mailorder from 86drec.com.

• Bundle with s/t 10" and save a coupla bucks.

A less bleak counterweight to the s/t one-sided 10" released earlier this year, "Doing Great" boils down the hardcore stuff and uncovers a punk band influenced as much by Dillinger Four and Leatherface as it is by Born Against or Rudimentary Peni.Starting with the title track and ending with a ripper cover of Warren Zevon's "The Factory”, Boilerman reigns in the chaos and delivers a modern "90s style" midwestern pop punk record as good as any out there. It bookends their catalog-to-date and clears the ground for a new LP coming out in 2016.Members of Earth Girls, Broken Prayer, GIDIM, and more. Clear vinyl packaged in an old-style 7” single sleeve. Released by 86’d Records (US) and All In Vinyl (UK).

I'm trying to hustle getting ol' b-man in front of as many ears as possible, so any internet-love you give is very much appreciated.

Thanks as always for your support!


BOILERMAN: East Coast tour, Ottawa Explosion Weekend, and digital discography. 26 May 2015

The Boilerdudes are heading out for an East Coast tour on their way to play Ottawa Explosion Weekend on 6/19.

Ahead of the tour, 86'd has reissued BOILERMAN's entire vinyl discography as Creative Commons licensed pay-what-you-want downloads. The discography is also available on Bandcamp, iTunes, Spotify, and more.

Here are the dates:

6/6 - Chicago, IL @ The Flowershop w/ Brickfight, Boxsledder, Scoundrel
6/7 - Cincinnati, OH @ Black Plastic w/ Deep State, Swim Team
6/8 - Columbus, OH w/ Nuclear Moms, Raging Nathans
6/9 - Asheville, NC w/ Laika's Orbit
6/10 - Raleigh, NC @ Slims w/ Laika's Orbit
6/11 - Richmond, VA
6/12 - Philadelphia, PA @ Lava Space w/ Crybaby, Kyle Gilbride (of Swearin')
6/13 - Long Island, NY @ Quaker Meetinghouse w/ Yum Yuckers, Grave Blankets
6/14 - New Haven, CT @ Osborn House w/ Spit-Take, Worn Leather
6/15 - Boston, MA @ Charlie's Kitchen w/ Witches With Dicks, Bundles
6/16 - Portsmouth, NH @ Red Door w/ Notches, Little My, Gravel
6/17 - Portland, ME @ Brown Haus w/ Gout
6/18-6/21 - Ottawa, ON @ Ottawa Explosion Weekend
6/22 - Toronto, ON
6/23 - Kalamazoo, MI

More info over at our buds Little Yeti PR.