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Rations is/was a punk band from Long Island, NY active between 2008-2013. Rations Noise is an electronic offshoot formed in the aftermath. Contact us by email at or by mail at P.O. 501 East Setauket, NY 11733-0501 U$A.


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Last copies of Rubrics LP and Dead Uncles / The Credentials split 7" plus weed gets you 20% off 12 October 2013

I’m down to my last copies on a couple of releases. Get on ‘em before they’re gone.

86D010 - RUBRICS “Apathy Is An Institution” 12”
Only 2 copies left. These copies include both the regular LP jacket and the limited to 100 flap folder cover version. To my knowledge these are the only 2 copies that include both….as I had some extra lying around.

Down to the last 14 copies of this bugger. These are the “overrun” copies limited to 50 units with the blue (instead of pink) OBI strip.

Use the code “WEED” at checkout to receive 20% off of your entire order. Good on anything in the store through Monday-ish.

Last of the Iron Chic Back Patches 5 October 2013

I’ve got exactly 9,8,7,6,5,4,3, 2 IRON CHIC back patches (or buttflaps if you’re a crusty) left in the store. I’ve marked them down $3 so get on ‘em before they’re gone.

These are leftover from the very first run of “Not Like This” CDs and were limited to 500… no plans to make them again.

When you’re done buying a back patch, make sure to pre-order “The Constant One” over at… but not before also buying this, this, and this from me.

New Releases, Bundle 1 October 2013

I posted two new releases along with a bundle of all the most recent 86'd stuff last night. Here are the links:

  • DEAD UNCLES "Stock Characters" 12"
  • 86'D RECORDS Recent Release Bundle

Either of these new releases is worth the price of admission, but that bundle deal will wind up saving you over 10 bones.

New Releases Ready For Purchase 30 September 2013

DEAD UNCLES "Stock Characters" 12" LP and CELEBRITY INTERNMENT CAMP s/t CD are both available in the store starting right now! Follow the links below to your product of choice:

DEAD UNCLES "Stock Characters" 12"

DEAD UNCLES "Stock Characters" 12"

DEAD UNCLES "Stock Characters" 12"




Also available is the 86'D RECORDS Recent Release Bundle which includes 4 recent 86'd releases for a reduced price.

Two New Releases For October 1st 24 September 2013

We've got two new releases coming out on October 1st. Dead Uncles "Stock Character" 12" LP and Celebrity Internment Camp s/t CD.

First up is Dead Uncles "Stock Characters" 12"

The first and final LP from Connecticut's DEAD UNCLES. Originally released as a limited run cassette for the band's last U.S. tour, "Stock Characters" has been re-mixed and re-mastered for vinyl. Ten tracks of stripped down introspective pop punk that would fit perfectly in the early Lookout! Records catalog.

Issued posthumously through sheer force of will be by eight labels on 3 continents: 86'd, Different Kitchen, Hip Kid, Lost Cat, Sad Punk, Shitty Present, Trends Die, and You Look Like Shit.

One time pressing of 500 12"es on black vinyl with jacket and insert art by the band. Download cards include the band's entire discography.

Next up is Celebrity Internment Camp s/t CD

This 52-minute instrumental hip hop concept album blends together a collage of sonic vignettes from a dystopic future where war on American soil forces its celebrities into concentration camps. The beat collective of URBAN SASQUATCH, RED CARPET HOBO, and the HINDSIGHT GENIUS came together with beats created over the past 4 years to assemble this ambitious 36 track soundscape; rife with samples dug from record store crates across Long Island, the outer boroughs, and Manhattan.

Professionally replicated CD comes packaged in a gatefold cardboard mini-jacket and includes 11x17 full color poster.

Utter Failure "Eroding Forces" 12" Is Out Now! 23 September 2013

I'm very proud to announce the release of the epic debut full length from San Jose, CA's UTTER FAILURE! I've been playing on repeat in my car for the better part of a year and am very excited to finally be able to share it with the world.

Utter Failure's first LP - "Eroding Forces" - is the follow up to their staggeringly awesome 2012 7" EP. Black vinyl packaged in matte finish LP jackets with insert and download card. Recorded by Bart Thurber at House of Faith and mastered by Dan Randall at Mammoth Sound. First pressing limited to 800 copies worldwide. Split label cooperation including 6 US and international record labels

The band reunites brothers Rob and Dave Fraser from 90s Bay Area punk band Krupted Peasant Farmerz. Melodic punk/hardcore influenced by bands like Asta Kask, Articles of Faith, and Badtown Boys, that channel and evolve the spirit of K.P.F.: A search for meaning and the common good amid a visceral disgust for a fucked up world, set to guitar harmonies, haunting vocal melodies, Misfits-style "whoah" parts, with a driving rhythm section.

Check out the product page to look at some pics of the record and place your order.Over the years, members from Utter Failure have played in bands like Krupted Peasant Farmerz, Apeface, Shitkickers, Saros, Uzi Suicide, Whiskey Sunday, Angry For Life, Joe Q. Citizen, and tons more.

Tumblr Giveaway Results: Colossal Failure turned moderate success! 6 September 2013

The winner of our Tumblr Giveaway is a user called “Half Fiction.” I’m pretty sure that isn’t her/his real name, but they’ve won all the same!

Thanks to everyone who shared the image! We went from 5 notes to over 75 notes in the wake of our proclamation of failure. Go figure.

Our winner will be using their $100 at And while “Half Fiction” can’t get our discount (wink wink) of 86% off, that doesn’t mean you can’t!

Peep the new details on the sale below:

Tumblr Giveaway Shaping Up To Be Colossal Failure 3 September 2013

So this 86%-off-sale has been a smashing success so far. I sold a cubic ton of records last week and the orders are continuing to roll in.

The post I made on Tumblr, however, is not going so well.

On a whim I posted the advertisement image and wrote:

“Reblog this pic for chance to win a $100 gift certificate to Winner will be picked at random and announced on 9/6/2013.”

This was at the beginning of the sale and I was really trying to get the word out there. It must have slipped my mind that I don’t really have many Tumblr followers and know next to nothing about “the Tumblr.”

A whopping 3 tumblr users shared the pic so far. I’ll thank them by name.

To djjohnnyvolume I say thanks. Cheer up sadddad I appreciate your reblogging and comment. And to fleaworldtradeagreement: Thanks homie.

Anyway, I’ll still be picking a winner at random on Friday 9/6/2013. It’s just going to be a big sad hat with 3 scraps of paper in.

Click here to hit up the original post. Oh, and you can reblog it for chance to win a $100 gift certificate to OOF.

forever alone

Dead Uncles "Stock Characters" LP update 26 May 2013


Dead Uncles' posthumous LP is lurching toward reality like a patient emerging from the haze of a fever dream. The lacquers have just been approved and we should have test presses back soon.

The quixotic quest to press this future classic on vinyl was hatched by drummer Shannon Thompson and 86'd Records - eventually implicating Hip Kid Records, Lost Cat Records, Shitty Present Records, and the mighty Different Kitchen Records from the U.K. The 10 track album was re-mixed in 2012 and mastered for vinyl by Dave Eck at Lucky Lacquers. The album artwork was re-worked for by Shannon Thompson. A one-time pressing of 500 units is planned for a summer 2013 release.

"Stock Characters" was originally released on cassette by We Rise Tapes (Krystina from Curmudgeon's label) and Trashy Tapes (Sadie from Peeple Watchin's label) just before the band broke up in 2012.

Any other record labels that might be interested in helping out can check out details by logging into the the info page here.

From that page you can download the audio, check out the layout, and get details about the project. Just e-mail for the password.

86'd Releases for 2013 26 November 2012

It looks like 2013 is going to be a monster year for 86'd Records. I only did one record in 2012 and that was under duress! I was broke as shit, but utterly unable to pass up helping release the first record by the mighty Utter Failure. Through the miracle of massively multi-label split releases (MMLSR?) it didn't set me back too far - and I can sleep knowing that when I croak my footnote in the grand and storied history of Krupted Peasant Farmerz is cemented.

AH! But enough of the past. The future holds a bunch more records... and gulp... the fanzine? We'll see.

So, barring any other too-good-to-pass-up releases I'll be doing 5 vinyl releases in 2013. All of them are split releases with other labels... a network of friends as they say.

Rubrics "Apathy is an Institution" 12" LP

I first met Ryan and Kerri Beth from Rubrics when Ryan's old hardcore band This Mountain Is Man was on tour and played Dead Broke HQ. His wife Kerri Beth was along too. This Mountain Is Man was fucking killer. I bought a tee-shirt, a hand screened CD-r demo, and exchanged phone numbers with Kerri Beth. After a few texts we lost touch. Flash forward a year or so - I hooked up with Alex from Get Better Records to trade some records and help book a show for his band Burning Bridges here on Long Island. I came across Rubrics on his bandcamp page and was hooked. I traded for as much Rubrics stuff as I could. When word went out about the LP in late 2012 I wanted in. Get Better Records and the band were organizing and pressing the record and assembling a group of labels to help with funds and distribution. I bro'd down on the phonewith Ryan - figured out it was the same dude from This Mountain Is Man - and the rest is herstory!

Check out some older Rubrics stuff below.

This bugger should be out sooner rather than later and will come in a B+W LP Jacket and will be stuffed with a huge newsprint poster and probably some other goodies.

Dead Uncles "Stock Characters" 12" LP

photo by catherinepeyton on flickr.

Dead Uncles from New Haven, CT is one of my favorite punk bands of the past bunch of years. I first heard 'em when I was looking to do a record for The Credentials. The band suggested a split with Dead Uncles. I checked out what I could online and fucking loved it right off the bat. I wrote to Brian, the bands drummer, and got my hands on everything I could - the self released "Cut Down To Sighs" 7", a self-titled 7" on Shock To The System label, and a split cassette with Dylan Bredeau. All killer, no filler. I put out the now classic (in my own mind) Dead Uncles / The Credentials split 7" and was fortunate enough to meet the guys and play a show with them up in Cambridge, MA for Smash It Dead Fest.

Check out the Dead Uncles track from the split 7" with The Credentials below.

Sometime between Smash It Dead and now the band broke up. But not without recording an EPIC full-length first. The album was released in limited quantity on cassette - but never available online for sale. The band resigned to the fact that "Stock Characters" would be filed in the dustbin of history.

My reaction was "this aggression will not stand, man!" Mark my words, I am going to will this masterpiece into existence on vinyl in 2013.

Rations "Martyrs and Prisoners" 7" EP

Rations is back. Out of about 20 songs that we had written we picked out 6 and recorded 'em with Tia's brother Ian. We recorded live on reel-to-reel tape (overdubbing vocals and lead guitar) in Ian's cavernous shed in the woods of Fort Solonga, NY. On our last record (How Much Land Does a Man Need? 7") we worked with 10 different labels in 6 countries to get it to the masses in the most decentralized and personal way available to us. This time around we're aiming to double the number of labels involved and try to hit a few more countries too.

Our goal is to get small quantities of our records to as many local scenes as possible to encourage hand-to-hand purchases and trades among labels and distros. Our hope is to use the occasion as an opportunity to strengthen our relationships with the international D.I.Y. punk conspiracy and to help further connect the network of ideas, music, and trade that happens outside the mainstream. We aim for counter-culture, not sub-culture.

Here's a song from the new 7" live on Long Island in August of 2012. Hosted by the awesome Razorcake zine.

Utter Failure 12" LP

Utter Failure will be heading back to the studio with the inimitable Bart Thurber (Spazz, Swingin' Utters, KPF, Fifteen, J-Church, Capitalist Casualties, etc., etc.) to record their debut full-length. This will be the follow up to last years debut 7" and the currently planned 4-way split 7" with Fast Asleep, No Mistake, and Rat Bastard. If the songs from those two records are any indication this record is going to FUCKING RIP.

It's pretty well established that Krupted Peasant Farmerz is my favorite punk band of all time. And Utter Failure is continuing in that mighty tradition. Helmed by the brothers Fraser from the Farmerz and joined by members of Shitkickers, Saros, Apeface, and more, the band expands on the KPF pantheon without re-treading or betraying what it was. Fuck it, I'm floored. Check out the 7" below.

Here's a bit from the rumor mill: The album might have a cover of the awesome KPF song "Fuck Your World" that appeared on the Farmhouse '94 compilation. The bands been playing a bunch of shows around hometown San Jose, CA and are shooting to have the record out by April.

Thanks 7" EP

Thanks is a garagey lo-fi pop-punk band from St. Cloud, MN. It's got Ryan and Jeff from the awesome Lost Cat Records making up 2/3 of the trio. Their 2010 demo tape is killer as fuck. I first hooked up with these dudes when they kindly asked Rations to contribute a track to their "Box of Sand" cassette/CD compilation. I've never met either of them in person but that hasn't stopped me from pestering them with creepy e-mails with requests for new Thanks demo tracks and late-night calls for digital affection. I consider these guys buddies, even if only through the ether. Jeff, who I surmise is the primary songsmith, has a column written for the perpetually upcoming 86'd Fanzine issue #1. I'd been hearing grumblings about a Thanks 7" for a while, but always kinda vague and non-committal. When it came time to budget for my 2013 releases I sent the guys an e-mail demanding the record come out. I pleaded with them to let me send them money. It worked: 86'd Records will be chipping in on the split release along with Lost Cat Records and others!

Ill Fated... But Still Ill

Yeah, yeah, yeah. The fanzine will be done shortly. I know I always say that, but I always mean it too. So, we'll see. Interviews with Gerge from Pretty Bullshit, Bricks from C.R. Phallacy, Keith Rosson, and Micah from Unwelcome Guests. It's got a track-by-track run album explanation of "Gates from Home" by Mike Hall from Sick Sick Birds, plus columns and other bullshit. The original idea behind the "fanzine" in the record label logo was to compel me to actually finish a fanzine, as I've started and abandoned as many as I have actually issued over the years. Mark my words!

Another oft delayed project is the "Celebrity Internment Camp" instrumental hip-hop concept album from the beat collective of Urban Sasquatch, Hindsight Genius, and the Red Carpet Hobo. This is gonna be an extremely limited CD release that will include a DVD and fold-out comic. Ayayay.

Oh, and the Traffic Violation digital re-issues. FUCK. I think I've bitten off more than I can chew here.