86'd is Dead! Long live 86'd!

Here lies 86'd Records and Distro. Everything is out of stock and the mailorder is closed.

86'd Records started in 2010 and has released records by Boilerman, The Credentials, Dead Uncles, Fellow Project, Go White Bronco, Rations, Utter Failure, and more.

Traffic Violation Records ran from 1995 till 2003 and released records by Contra, I Farm, The Insurgent, Latterman, On the Might of Princes, Sometimes Walking Sometimes Running, Splurge, Striped Basstards, and more.

I've posted a bunch of 86'd Records and Traffic Violation Records releases for download here on the site and many include PDFs of the full artwork.

There's also band pages for more info and external links. The entire discography is located here.

Our blog is still active (and goes back to 2011) and news is usually posted to instagram too.

Thanks for reading,