​Tabula Rasa for 2019 21 Dec 2018

Dear friends, customers, vendors, competitors, bots, trolls, lurkers, etc.,

This is a heads up that I’m leaving SOLID MFG at the beginning of the year to focus on other stuff. Solid, which has already been running at the A TO Z MEDIA offices in NYC since July will continue running the company as SOLID MERCH.

SOLID MERCH will remain focused on short run vinyl products with even quicker turns and new suite of products for bands and labels. Questions for Solid-related stuff can go to solid@atozmedia.com.

As for me, I’m not exactly sure… and it feels great.


I’ve been lending a hand to people (mostly friends) for album covers, ad layouts, social media graphics, more and more over the past year-or-so, and I’m going to make it more official in 2019.

You can check out stuff I’ve done for my own label and bands here, here, and here. Here’s a good example of an album layout (that also included posters, social graphics, etc.) that I did for a friend. I’ve also successfully (and joyfully) recreated LP layouts using only original printed CD covers for a couple of vinyl reissues on STUNTMAN and TREEPEOPLE on Gravy Lane Records.

I’m going to formalize this as a set of services in the new year. I’ll offer both à la carte and package deals. The idea with the package deals would be include layouts for posters, social graphics, etc.

In the meantime, if any of this interests you please hit me up.


I’ve been doing a lot of music stuff lately. Firstly, RATIONS NOISE has a split 12” LP/CS coming out UNKNOWN RIVER DRIVER on 1/11/19. Peep the vid.

Second, RATIONS (as in the band, not the noise) has been practicing again with altered lineup. We’ve recorded four new songs, one of which will be appearing on a 2xLP compilation to be announced in 2019. Also, the two RATIONS 7”es from 2011 and 2013 are available for the first time on Spotify, Apple Music, etc. as well as being re-licensed as CC0 for sharing and re-use. Very much looking forward to jamming, playing and recording more in 2019.


Thanks to all the people who helped me make Solid MFG what it is (quick list: Andre, Karin, Shannon, Cory, David, Chris, Tasha). Big thanks to Sarah, Scott, and Rich at ATOZ for being great friends and the best in the biz.

Yours in friendship,