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Rations is/was a punk band from Long Island, NY active between 2008-2013. Rations Noise is an electronic offshoot formed in the aftermath. Contact us by email at or by mail at P.O. 501 East Setauket, NY 11733-0501 U$A.


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J-Zone's new 7" single: "Stick Up" b​/​w "Mad Rap" 18 October 2014

We finished up the latest J-Zone 7" last week at Solid Mfg. Very psyched to see this finally out so I can share it around. I've had the tracks burned to a CD and playing in my car for weeks.

Definitely cool to hear J-Zone back at it. I've been working with him on-and-off since 2005-ish pressing CDs at the old company doing stuff like A Job Ain't Nuthin' But Work and the Boss Hog Barbarians' Every Hog Has Its Day and a few more.

You can check out the tracks from the 7" below. "Stick Up" is an instrumental with J-Zone on drums duking it out with a hammond organ. "Mad Rap" has him back behind the mic taking down Russel Simmons and a bunch more.

You can order the 7" on at Save the guy a trip to the post office and get your order in over the weekend.

No interns at Old Maid Ent.

J-Zone's Mail Room (from instagram)

Warm Needles Tour Poster Layout 21 April 2014

Warm Needles Poster Andy texted and said, "If you were to make a Warm Needles tour poster how would it look?" I replied, "Better than if you made it." And that's how I got roped into making the Warm Needles East Coast Tour April 2014 poster.

I recently finished up this tour poster for my buddies' band Warm Needles. Below are some thoughts on the process and application of the design I came up with.

Design for the medium

Before sitting down to design the poster I thought about all the different places the image would wind up and how it would or would not work in each. I was designing it primarily to be printed but had to be cognizant that it would wind up in a bunch different contexts on the web.

Meatspace applications

  • Tour Poster
    • Either silkscreened or short-run digital print
    • Used for promotion or as limited/numbered print for sale at shows
    • Needs the dates for the entire tour
  • Show Poster
    • Either silkscreened or short-run digital print
    • Needs a spot for show specific info
      • Ability for local promotors to manipulate and print poster
      • Ability for local promotors to write in info on printed poster

Web applications

  • Facebook Event pages
    • Just about every show on this tour had event page on Facebook
  • Instagram photo
    • Would need to be square
  • Twitter, Bandsintown, Web Forums, etc.
    • Scaled images would need to be legible

Once I had all that stuff sussed out I designed the 11" x 17" tour poster first. While putting it together I kept in mind that I'd need a version that worked without the dates and a version that could be made to work well as a square. I also made sure that any type was big enough to be read easily at common sizes on the screen.

Idiot Proof Deliverables

I knew this project would be out of my hands once I delivered the digital files to Andy. Now, I'm not saying he's an idiot (I'm also not not saying he's and idiot either) but once out in the wild any number of promotors, bands, printers, printmakers, etc. could be handling the files. I wanted to set them up in a way that minimized any ambiguity or unintended consequences.

Here's a run down of what I supplied:

  • PDF file for the tour poster
    • Included all the tour dates.
    • An 11" x 17" PDF file with images set to 300DPI CMYK and all the type outlined.
    • Clearly labeled as "For Print"
    • I purposely created a design that didn't require bleeds to minimize confusion.
  • PDF file for the show poster
    • Included space for show information.
    • An 11" x 17" PDF file with images set to 300DPI CMYK and all the type outlined.
    • Clearly labeled as "For Print"
    • I purposely created a design that didn't require bleeds to minimize confusion.
  • Web versions of each poster
    • Included for Facebook, Twitter, etc.
    • A 792 × 1224 pixel RGB JPG
  • Square versions of each poster
    • Intended for Instagram.
    • A 2376 × 2376 pixel RGB JPG
  • Facebook Header
    • A 851 × 315 pixel RGB JPG set to Facebooks specs.

I also included the files for the typeface I used which was the awesome League Gothic Italic (more on this below). This way it'd be easy for any of the local promotors to drop in information to print or post. You can check out one such image here.

Promoting the shows

The whole point of doing all this shit is to propagate the images and get 'em in front of as many eyeballs as possible. The more eyeballs, the more people at the shows. Here's how the band implemented getting these images around:

  • Andy did a short digital run of the show posters and snail-mailed a grip of 'em to each of the promotors.
  • The band used the header image to create and event page for the tour
  • The square tour image was used around twitter, facebook, instagram, etc.
  • An e-mail went out to all the show promoters that included all the deliverables to implement as they saw fit.
  • E-mails with images were sent out to press (web news sites, alternatively weeklies along the tour route, etc.)

A note about Creative Commons and Public Domain

I have no natural drawing ability and only limited photography skills. As a result I've always relied on reworking, reusing, and remixing photos and typefaces to make stuff like this. In the early days I'd photocopy images from newspapers or library books with no thought to copyright or any of that stuff.

Nowadays it's so easy to use find really great stuff that's in the public domain or licensed to share with Creative Commons or other open licenses. So that's what I usually do. Here's what I used this time around:

The background picture is from the National Archives UK. It's a public domain picture on Flickr.

I used League Gothic Italic for all the text which is licensed with the Open Font License by The League of Movable Type.

League Gothic Italic graphic from The League of Movable Type

League Gothic Italic graphic from The League of Movable Type

Solid Mfg. Year End List 4 January 2014

Here's my list of the top 22 records we printed stuff for at Solid Mfg. in 2013. The list includes the projects I enjoyed working on the most… either because the music ripped, the artwork was awesome, or the customer is just plain fun to work with.

This year's list is made up from all printed parts we did, but now that we're doing manufacturing for vinyl, CDs, and band merch next year should be rounded out with more of that stuff.

Cool. Thanks to all the bands and record labels that used us this year!!!

  1. Boilerman “Loss Leaders” LP Jacket and Insert (Self Released)
    • First LP from Chicago piece. Great record but they're even better live.
  2. No Sir, I Won't “The Door” 12” Jacket and Inner Sleeve (Framework Label)
    • Six song EP from Boston anarcho-punkers. Dudes from Libyans and Awful Man.
  3. Odz Manouk / Tukaaria LP Jacket (Final Agony)
    • Final Agony is one of my favorite labels to work on stuff with. Always top notch packaging!
  4. Argentinum Astrum "Malleus Maleficarum" LP Jacket and Insert (Anti Corporate Music)
    • Knoxville, TN Black/Sludge/Doom.
  5. Fucking Invincible "Downtown is Dead" 7" Jackets (Atomic Action! Records)
    • Dudes from Drop Dead. Ripper 8-song EP!
  6. Canadian Rifle "Deep Ends" LP Jacket (Dirt Cult Records)
    • Tons of great releases on Dirt Cult this year. Hard to pick just one!
  7. Murder-Suicide Pact “Die Screaming” LP Jacket (Give Praise Records)
    • Last LP from Florida legends. On the prolific and Give Praise Records. Hi Paul!
  8. Skeletonwitch “Serpents Unleashed” Gatefold LP Jacket (Prosthetic Records)
    • Prosthetic Records scores an A+ on being a big label that's beyond great to deal with!
  9. Mallwalkers “Shake The Rust Off” LP Jacket (Peterwalkee Records)
    • Matto of Phlegm Chuckers fame releases funk-punkers first LP.
  10. The Slow Death “No Heaven” LP Jacket (Rad Girlfriend Records)
    • LP version of the CD on A.D.D. Great band on a great label
  11. RVIVR “The Beauty Between” LP Jacket, Insert, and Poster (Rumbletowne Records)
    • One of our first customers. Last I heard, they were trying to make a video for each song on the record.
  12. Best Practices “Sore Subjects” 7" Folder (Tor Johnson Records)
    • Record label impresario Paul Dechichio releasing his own band's 7". Just like Ian MacKaye.
  13. Potboiler “Rolling Boil” LP Jacket (Salinas Records)
    • Old New Paltz, NY band gets a vinyl re-issue of cassette release.
  14. Multiple Truths "No One Wins" (Halo of Flies)
    • Mariam from MRR and friends.
  15. Cloud Becomes Your Hand "Rocks Or Cakes" (Feeding Tube Records)
    • My old Long Island buddy Stephe Cooper doing some weirdo stuff.
  16. M. Akers "Unused Score For La Puntura Velenosa Della Notte" 7" Jacket (Death Wound Zine)
    • A mystery wrapped in an enigma.
  17. Descontrol "Producto De Las Circunstancias" LP Jacket (Odio Los Discos)
    • Peruvian dis-punk from the 80s. Reissue of classic demo.
  18. Weed "Deserve" LP Jacket (Couple Skate Records)
    • Who doesn't like weed?
  19. Angry Gods Greyed Delay/The Swell 7" Folder (Nervous Habit Records)
    • New Chicago, IL punk and hardcore label. Nice people!
  20. The Dentists "Some People Are On The Pitch" LP Jacket and Inner Sleeve (Trouble In Mind)
    • Re-issue of this 80s U.K. band's debut full length.
  21. The David Liebe Hart Band "The David Liebe Hart Band Album" LP Jacket (Evil Weevil Records)
    • David Lieve Hart from Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job!
  22. Parquet Courts "American Specialties" LP Jacket (Play Pinball! Records)
    • Debut cassette released as an LP by the awesome Play Pinball! Records.

Last copies of Rubrics LP and Dead Uncles / The Credentials split 7" plus weed gets you 20% off 12 October 2013

I’m down to my last copies on a couple of releases. Get on ‘em before they’re gone.

86D010 - RUBRICS “Apathy Is An Institution” 12”
Only 2 copies left. These copies include both the regular LP jacket and the limited to 100 flap folder cover version. To my knowledge these are the only 2 copies that include both….as I had some extra lying around.

Down to the last 14 copies of this bugger. These are the “overrun” copies limited to 50 units with the blue (instead of pink) OBI strip.

Use the code “WEED” at checkout to receive 20% off of your entire order. Good on anything in the store through Monday-ish.

Last of the Iron Chic Back Patches 5 October 2013

I’ve got exactly 9,8,7,6,5,4,3, 2 IRON CHIC back patches (or buttflaps if you’re a crusty) left in the store. I’ve marked them down $3 so get on ‘em before they’re gone.

These are leftover from the very first run of “Not Like This” CDs and were limited to 500… no plans to make them again.

When you’re done buying a back patch, make sure to pre-order “The Constant One” over at… but not before also buying this, this, and this from me.

New Releases, Bundle 1 October 2013

I posted two new releases along with a bundle of all the most recent 86'd stuff last night. Here are the links:

  • DEAD UNCLES "Stock Characters" 12"
  • 86'D RECORDS Recent Release Bundle

Either of these new releases is worth the price of admission, but that bundle deal will wind up saving you over 10 bones.

New Releases Ready For Purchase 30 September 2013

DEAD UNCLES "Stock Characters" 12" LP and CELEBRITY INTERNMENT CAMP s/t CD are both available in the store starting right now! Follow the links below to your product of choice:

DEAD UNCLES "Stock Characters" 12"

DEAD UNCLES "Stock Characters" 12"

DEAD UNCLES "Stock Characters" 12"




Also available is the 86'D RECORDS Recent Release Bundle which includes 4 recent 86'd releases for a reduced price.

Traffic Violation Records Distro Catalog 2001 26 September 2013

I scanned this whole thing a couple of years ago but never did anything with it. So, here it is. This is the 16 page distro catalog that I did for Traffic Violation back in 2001. Pretty cool looking through these short descriptions of records all these years later. Some of the writing is cringeworthy but oh well. Take a look:

Page 1

Page 2

Page 3

Page 4

Page 5

Page 6

Page 7

Page 8

Page 9

Page 10

Page 11Page 11

Page 12Page 12

Page 13

Page 14

Page 15

Page 16

Two New Releases For October 1st 24 September 2013

We've got two new releases coming out on October 1st. Dead Uncles "Stock Character" 12" LP and Celebrity Internment Camp s/t CD.

First up is Dead Uncles "Stock Characters" 12"

The first and final LP from Connecticut's DEAD UNCLES. Originally released as a limited run cassette for the band's last U.S. tour, "Stock Characters" has been re-mixed and re-mastered for vinyl. Ten tracks of stripped down introspective pop punk that would fit perfectly in the early Lookout! Records catalog.

Issued posthumously through sheer force of will be by eight labels on 3 continents: 86'd, Different Kitchen, Hip Kid, Lost Cat, Sad Punk, Shitty Present, Trends Die, and You Look Like Shit.

One time pressing of 500 12"es on black vinyl with jacket and insert art by the band. Download cards include the band's entire discography.

Next up is Celebrity Internment Camp s/t CD

This 52-minute instrumental hip hop concept album blends together a collage of sonic vignettes from a dystopic future where war on American soil forces its celebrities into concentration camps. The beat collective of URBAN SASQUATCH, RED CARPET HOBO, and the HINDSIGHT GENIUS came together with beats created over the past 4 years to assemble this ambitious 36 track soundscape; rife with samples dug from record store crates across Long Island, the outer boroughs, and Manhattan.

Professionally replicated CD comes packaged in a gatefold cardboard mini-jacket and includes 11x17 full color poster.