• “Martyrs and Prisoners” 7″ EP
  • “How Much Land Does A Man Need?” 7″ EP
  • “For Victory” LP/CD
  • "Landmine" demo CD-R


  • V/A “Tribute To Krupted Peasant Farmerz” CD – Bear Named Dog
  • V/A “Life On An Island Vol. 3” CS – Landing (Demo)
  • V/A “Pissing Off The Neighbors: A Long Island Compilation” CD-R/CS – 22 and 10 (Live)
  • V/A “Give Back” CD – All Gone (Alt. Mix)
  • V/A “A Ray Of Hope: Benefit Compilation For Japan” CD – No Answer (Live)
  • V/A “Box of Sand” CD-R/CS – How Much Land Does A Man Need? (Live)
  • V/A “Don’t Hang Out In Front Of The House: Vol. 2” DL – Appliances and Cars