Discography - 86'd Records


Discography information for 86'd Records, Traffic Violation Records, and ERL releases linked below. Also browsable by band or release.

86D-025 Rations Noise / Unknown River Driver Split LP / CS 2019
86D-024 Boilerman Feel Ways About Stuff LP / CD 2016
86D-023 Go White Bronco Population Ghost Town LP 2016
86D-022 Boilerman Doing Great 7″ 2015
86D-021 Boilerman Loss Leaders DL 2015
86D-020 Boilerman Yield The Ghost DL 2015
86D-019 Boilerman Bright Young Things DL 2015
86D-018 Fellow Project Basic Axmenship CD 2015
86D-016 Boilerman Boilerman 10″ 2015
86D-015 Various Twenty thirteen download sampler DL 2013
86D-014 Utter Failure Eroding Forces LP 2013
86D-013 Dead Uncles Stock Characters LP 2013
86D-012 Rations Martyrs And Prisoners 7″ 2013
86D-011 Rad Company / Tight Bros Split 7″ 2013
86D-009 Utter Failure E.P. 7″ 2012
86D-008 Celebrity Internment Camp Celebrity Internment Camp CD 2013
86D-007 Rations How Much Land Does A Man Need? 7″ 2011
86D-006 Fellow Project Stable Life CD 2011
86D-005 The Credentials Goocher LP 2011
86D-004 The Credentials / Dead Uncles Split Single 7″ 2011
86D-003 Go White Bronco Life As A Monument 7″ 2011
86D-002 Iron Chic Not Like This CD 2011
86D-001 Rations For Victory LP / CD 2010
ERL-04 Hewhocorrupts Microeconomics Shaped CD 2006
ERL-03 On The Might Of Princes Where You Are And Where You Want To Be CD 2007
ERL-02 On The Might Of Princes The Making Of A Conversation CD 2007
ERL-01 Hewhocorrupts The Smell Of Money CDEP 2005
TVR-29 I Farm Two Selected Works CD 2003
TVR-28 Latterman Turn Up the Punk, We’ll be Singing CD 2003
TVR-25 Various Commercial CD 2002
TVR-24 Sometimes Walking, Sometimes Running Untitled CDEP 2002
TVR-23 The Insurgent / Sometimes Walking, Sometimes Running The Insurgent/Sometimes Walking, Sometimes Running 7″ 2002
TVR-22 On The Might Of Princes Where You Are And Where You Want To Be LP / CD 2001
TVR-21 Contra / J Church Fuck You, I’m Craig and It’s My Birthday 7″ 2000
TVR-20 The Insurgent Inside Every Kid 10″ 2000
TVR-19 Various What Has Two Thumbs And Loves Long Island Punk & Hardcore??!?!!? 7″ 2000
TVR-18 Robotnička/Divide + Conquer Split LP 2001
TVR-17 Contra Boys Club Anthems LP 2000
TVR-16 Splurge Please Bring Cider Direct… 2×7″ 1999
TVR-14 All The Answers The One Forgotten CD 1999
TVR-13 Striped Basstards Di(Y)scography CD 1999
TVR-12 Contra / Splurge Contra/Splurge CD 1999
TVR-11 Striped Basstards The Best Of Striped Basstards LP 1999
TVR-10 Various Tape Comp CS 1999
TVR-09 De La Hoya Has No Credibility CDEP 1999
TVR-07 Disenchanted / Striped Basstards Je Suis Le Firestarter 7″ 1997
TVR-06 Splurge Exit/Stretch 7″ 1997
TVR-05 Striped Basstards Lessons Learned 7″ 1997
TVR-04 Checkerboard Charlie / The Howards Kinda Port Jeff’s Finest Split E.P. 7″ 1997
TVR-03 Various 6 Band Compilation 7″ 1996
TVR-02 Splurge Tales From The Me Generation 7″ 1996
TVR-01 Splurge / Striped Basstards split 7″ 1996