BOILERMAN "Yield The Ghost" DL 86D-020

Digital download with full artwork of Boilerman's 2011 "Yield The Ghost" 7" EP.

Fantastic 2nd EP from this Chicago pop punk band. On this their follow up to their debut EP, the band goes down a darker path musically and add more elements of the Wipers and slight UK post punk touches but not in a lame hip way, more to add elements of variety to their gruff but super catchy midwestern pop punk. I always liked the Broadways meets early Saves the Day comparison I have given them but add Dillinger Four and to my ears anyways early Shades Apart as influence too. Where they are a true midwestern pop punk band, they also have more melodic tendencies as well. - Grave Mistake

Track Listing

  1. Betterer Homes and Gardens
  2. An Open Letter to the Pope
  3. Crab Barrel
  4. Akbar Was Right
  5. Tiresome