I FARM "Two Selected Works" CD TVR026

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Split release with Traffic Violation, BD Records, Yo-Yo Records, and Freedumb Records.

"This CD definitely kept me on my toes. Just when I settled into one rhythm, it changed musical styles immediately and would continue to do so again and again. The majority of what they played was pretty damn good, going from mostly melody oriented upbeat punk, to hardcore, to something without much melody at all. All within each song. Most of the CD kept my attention. However, some of the quick changes in the songs really lost me. It was like the minute I had my head bobbing or my foot tapping, they switched gears faster than an ambidextrous hooker without much endurance in her right hand. I would usually end up feeling like the job wasn’t finished. With that said, I do find myself going back to this CD and giving it a listen every now and then, without any intention of selling it back. As an aside, I’m not sure if this has anything to do with their schizophrenic style of music, but according to their label, they got their name cause they farm meth." - Razorcake