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Sick Sick Birds collection CD coming in 2014
Posted on January 18th, 2014

We've only got one release planned so far for 2014 and it's for Baltimore's SICK SICK BIRDS! We'll be releasing a CD compiling all the bands' singles, EPs, and splits along with a few bonus rarities. The CD will be co-released with the ever-awesome Waterslide Records from Japan. We'll have a limited number available here in the US as an import with the rest being distributed in Japan. Photo by Dave Sanders.

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86'd Records and Hostile City Distribution
Posted on October 22nd, 2013

I'm very psyched to announce that 86'd Records stuff will be available through Hostile City Distribution for wholesale to records shops.

Hostile City is located in Philadelphia, PA and distributes labels like Square of Opposition Records, Dead Broke Rekerds, Paper + Plastic Records, Creep Records, Universal Warning Records, and tons more.

Once we're up and running they'll be carrying the following 86'd Records and Eugenics Record Label titles:

  • 86D014 - UTTER FAILURE "Eroding Forces" 12"
  • 86D013 - DEAD UNCLES "Stock Characters" 12"
  • 86D012 - RATIONS "Martyrs and Prisoners" 7"
  • 86D003 - GO WHITE BRONCO "Life As A Monument" 7"
  • 86D001 - RATIONS "For Victory" 12"
  • EUG003 - ON THE MIGHT OF PRINCES "Where You Are and Where You Want to Be (Reissue)" CD

Stores can contact Hostile City Distribution at 1-800-361-3827 or

Last copies of Rubrics LP and Dead Uncles / The Credentials split 7" plus weed gets you 20% off
Posted on October 12th, 2013

I’m down to my last copies on a couple of releases. Get on ‘em before they’re gone.

86D010 - RUBRICS “Apathy Is An Institution” 12”
Only 2 copies left. These copies include both the regular LP jacket and the limited to 100 flap folder cover version. To my knowledge these are the only 2 copies that include both….as I had some extra lying around.

Down to the last 14 copies of this bugger. These are the “overrun” copies limited to 50 units with the blue (instead of pink) OBI strip. 

Use the code “WEED” at checkout to receive 20% off of your entire order. Good on anything in the store through Monday-ish.

Last of the Iron Chic Back Patches
Posted on October 5th, 2013

I’ve got exactly 9,8,7,6,5,4,3, 2 IRON CHIC back patches (or buttflaps if you’re a crusty) left in the store. I’ve marked them down $3 so get on ‘em before they’re gone.

These are leftover from the very first run of “Not Like This” CDs and were limited to 500… no plans to make them again.

When you’re done buying a back patch, make sure to pre-order “The Constant One” over at… but not before also buying thisthis, and this from me.